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Mermaid's Heart Highlighter review - Hidrocor Ocre on @Brideperfection

Our guest blogger @Brideperfection is wearing our beautiful contacts in the shade 'HIDROCOR OCRE'. 

May 03, 2018

Solótica® Hidrocor Ice, Quartzo and Grafite on dark brown eyes - by @brideperfection

Our guest blogger @Brideperfection did this video of how the colours Hidrocor Ice, Hidror Quartzo and Hidrocor Grafite look on her dark brown eyes. Which one is your favourite?

June 17, 2017

Solotica Hidrocor Ice: BEST way to put on contact lenses.

Our guest blogger @Brideperfection did this did this tutorial on the BEST (and most hygienic) way to put in contact lenses! And no better contacts to do this with than with the beautiful 'Solotica Hidrocor Ice' .




April 18, 2017

Hidrocor Ice on dark brown eyes

Our guest blogger @brideperfection wearing Solotica Hidrocor ice on her dark brown eyes. A quick before and after wearing the lenses.

May 28, 2016